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5 Things you Should do to Update your Kitchen Cabinets

Nov 12

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, which means it's one of the most important rooms in your house. It's also a space where you spend hours and hours each day cooking and cleaning up. You deserve to enjoy this room every time you walk into it! Here are 5 things that you can do to update your kitchen cabinets in Oakland and breath new life into your kitchen.

1. Paint your cabinets a fresh color

Fresh coat of paint on the cabinets is one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen without buying all new cabinets. A nice crisp or bold color can transform an entire space! You can even match your new paint with existing appliances, counters, floors etc. Your kitchen will look so put together and it's so easy to change it up later if you want!

2. Replace the hardware on the cabinets

This is such an easy update that can add a lot of character and pizazz to your kitchen cabinets. Your old handles or knobs may have started showing signs of age, but they're still functional and can be changed to something that will match your new color scheme. But, you don't have to wait to paint your cabinets to change out the hardware. Simply updating this can give your kitchen a whole different feel. Think of your hardware as accents.

3. Add crown molding or an extra detail

Crown molding is a simple way to add more style to plain cabinets. The crown molding itself can be painted the same color as the cabinets but you should leave it white to make it pop. This detail makes even plain cabinets look special.

Crown molding also is an easy way to make your cabinetry look more finished as it can be used to cover any gaps or seems along the ceiling line and the wall line.

4. Add glass doors for storage and display

Another easy update that can have an impact on how your kitchen looks is adding glass doors to cabinets. If you're worried about privacy, there are many options for frosted glass, too. Show off your special dishes or stemware by adding custom glass panels to your cabinets.

5. Install shelving

If you have the room for it, installing shelves inside and/or outside of cabinets creates a lot more usable space and can be a very functional feature. Shelving makes it easier to store small appliances, dishware, cookbooks, linens and other items that tend to take up a lot of room.

6. Add under cabinet lighting

Finally, adding under cabinet lighting improves visibility when you're trying to cook or do other tasks in your kitchen. You could also use the lights as a way to highlight a few of your favorite items, such as family heirlooms you want to show off! Lastly, cabinet lighting can add more depth and ambiance to your kitchen.

With just a few changes, you can update your kitchen cabinets to give them new life and increase their functionality. Choose the cabinet color that best fits with your interior design or choose glass doors for storage and display. You can also add shelves inside each cabinet so they’re more organized. For better visibility in dark areas under the sink, consider installing under-cabinet lighting!

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