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Methods of Tree Stump Removing

Nov 28

Methods of Tree Stump Removing


Most likely, you've had to remove some trees from your property. It doesn't really matter if the tree is dead or too large. Tree removal can be difficult. The stump serves as a reminder that you need to take safety precautions and remove it.


We have experience working with trees and we know how ugly stumps can be in a beautiful setting. There is no better time than now to remove the stump that you've been longing to get rid of. We are your Portland tree experts and we are here to help. These are five ways to remove branches from stumps.


  • Digging it out

If the tree in question is not too big, the easiest way to get rid of a stump from a tree is to simply dig it up. If the roots are not too deep it's possible to fix the problem using simple tools and a lot more elbow grease.


Begin by excavating your stump's area. You will want to expose the entire root system, especially the larger ones. Once this is done, you will be able to start to remove roots from the soil. A root saw is recommended, as it will allow you to precise control where you are cutting. You risk cracking unidentified stones if you use a tool, such as an ax. After the roots are loosened, you need to pull them out of the soil. You can then remove the stump with a shovel or a tool like a hammer.


  • Using a Stump Grinder

If the stump's root is too deep, a stump crusher may be required. These machines can be utilized to grind stumps right down to the roots. These machines can be used even by the most stubborn customers because they are simple and quick to use. A stump grinder can be rented to homeowners for their personal use. However, many homeowners prefer to hire a professional. You can use a stump grinder to remove tree stumps.


When you are working with heavy machinery, safety must always be your first priority. A stump grinder does not make exceptions. Before you begin grinding, remove all debris and rocks. You should also use eye and ear protection, as well as boots and gloves that are sturdy.


  • Burn it

Fire is another option if you feel a stump grinder might not be the best choice. You have to be careful when you use fire to remove tree trunks. It is important to verify that the fire extinguisher you are using is allowed and approved by your local authorities. If you're granted permission to remove the stump, it will be possible.


If you want to burn a stump, place it in the middle heat. You can also build wood around the stump to keep the fire burning. A stump can be burned for many hours. A big, hot fire is also necessary. If you don’t tend to the flame enough, you’ll end up with ash. It's very easy to remove it, and then replace it with new soil.


  • Rot it Away

You are likely to have learned something in biology classes about how waste disposal tools work. These tools are also useful for removing tree stumps. These tools can also help you remove tree stumps. However, with some encouragement it is possible.


To get this started, you'll need to make the stump more appealing to microbial living. To do this drill holes about 8 inches in the top of the stump. Fill these holes using warm water and any nitrogen-rich material you choose. There are many options for getting nitrogen, including blood meal, and even your compost.


The addition of nitrogen and water will accelerate the decay process. It will be easier for you to take out small parts of the stump as it decays. You can easily remove the entire stump with very little labor.


  • It can also be chemically removed

There are many options when it comes to tree stump removal. These are the same process as organically decaying a stump. However, they can pose dangers if used incorrectly. If used correctly, chemical stump-removers can be very effective at removing stumps.


The first step is drilling holes in the stump. Once you have made several holes around the stump add your chemical cleaner. After the chemical removal has worked, you need the stump to be softened. It may take several weeks before the chemicals start to work, so be patient.


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