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Ideas to Modify Your Floor Plan

Nov 29

Ideas to Modify Your Floor Plan

By Round Rock Home Remodeling

Once you know who you really are, you can start thinking about how you want your house to look. A lot of floor plans can't be altered by a single person. These are generally larger projects and will require professional assistance. Because some changes may not be allowed or require permission, it is a smart idea to consult specialists.

Do you not know where to begin? Here are 10 ways to make your floor plan more appealing.


1. Additions at the Attic


This attic was converted into a charming playing room.

This attic is now a charming playroom. Attics are often the best place to go if you need more living space. Attics extend the house's length so that they can accommodate many rooms, such as home offices and home theatres.


If you're a skilled DIYer, you can make an attic addition if you hire an architect to create the plans. Professional builders should be hired for at least the structural elements. You do not want your new attic to fall into the lower floors.


2. Divide a one-room space into two


There are many architectural designs for homes. Some have very small rooms, others have many large rooms. In these cases, homeowners may choose to create a practical corner within a larger area. This could be used as a nursery space or home office. Divide one big bedroom into 2 smaller bedrooms if you don't want your kids sharing the space.


There are two options for dividing one room into 2: The first is to make a permanent separation wall. This is a wall that is used to divide an area (not a load-bearing one). This is the most common method to divide a room. It is a simple DIY project or a cost-effective contractor job. Rerouting electricity wires is of paramount importance.


3. Build a Fantastic Garage


Is your home feeling claustrophobic, crowded, or uncomfortable? Make your garage a man cave, or party space! Garages are a fantastic way to add square footage to your house while making only minor modifications. Garages are often large enough to accommodate a wide range of arrangements.


Before you begin a garage remodeling contractor round rock tx project think about what you'll require to make it habitable. Is your garage wired? If it is, space heaters are the perfect solution to keep you warm in winter. Is it really necessary to have a restroom in your garage retreat? If you believe this, adding a water system to your garage will dramatically increase the scope and cost of the project.


4. Making a Ceiling Visible


Although removing ceilings isn’t really a floorplan change, it can drastically alter the room’s appearance, making it seem bigger and brighter. This is also a fantastic way to transform a boring living room or master bath into something stunning without spending too much time. The removal of a roof is likely to be one of few jobs on this list that does require professional assistance. Mike Fowler, Fowler Architects, Washington, D.C., states that this is possible because you don’t need any architectural plans.


Ceiling drywall can usually be removed easily, but homeowners may prefer to have professional drywall vaulted ceilings. You might also consider installing new lighting fixtures. In this case, a professional may be required to reroute electricity lines.


5: Create an open-ended concept.


One large space was used for cooling and heating, but the residential architecture was once made up of smaller rooms. The current trend in floor layouts is an open concept. This means that one large space (or "great room") connects to all parts of the house. Open floor plans are ideal for entertaining and allow for more natural daylight. Each one of these factors can boost a home's selling value.


According to Tom Kavanagh at Capital Realty Team, many buyers prefer open-plan floor plans. Homeowners that combine several smaller rooms into one large space generally have higher resale prices, particularly if the architectural characteristics of the original house design can be preserved.


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