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Is it really worth it to renovate?

Nov 29

Is it really worth it to renovate?


When you are rebuilding your home for resale we recommend that you get a house inspection and take proactive steps to find problems. It is possible to find problems in your house that will later come back to bite. You don't want your house to be a problem later on. Look first at the structural issues and then get to work on the aesthetics.


In the United States, homeowners spend more than $300B annually on renovation Houston or repairs. Here are the top ten places to update - and which ones you should avoid.


  • The Dining Room

Kitchens are thought to be the best way to sell homes. Elle H.Millard, CKD (National Kitchen & Bath Association) is Elle H.Millard's industry relations manager. She also serves as the resident designer for NKBA. "This is the place people want to unwind." Here, people gather and you want to feel positive.


A low-cost remodel of a kitchen will pay for itself much quicker than a more expensive overhaul. Remodeling magazine's Cost Vs. Value Report states that a large kitchen remodels costs $68,490. The homeowners can recover $40.127 (or 58.6%) from the cost. A high-end kitchen renovation costs $135547 with a 53.9% return on investment.


You can have an impact on the time and cost of selling your property. According to the NKBA 2020 Market Outlook on Kitchen & Bath Markets, cabinets and faucets will become obsolete first. Cabinets and countertops can be replaced with new countertops. Countertops are now the most sought-after update for a kitchen remodel, after painting. However, stylish quartz alternatives to granite are becoming more popular.


You can choose porcelain and ceramic tile for backsplashes instead of quartz, stone, and glass. Consider hardwood if you are considering replacing your flooring. Hardwood has a wider appeal than tiling and engineered wood.


Even something as simple as investing in a top-of-the-line faucet can make a huge difference. H-Millard explained that a faucet that makes a statement, looks unique, and displays attention to detail can be a great investment. These are the luxury moments that can be added to your room to make it look exceptional and give you a return on investment.


  • The Restroom

Do you wish to replace the tub with a regular shower? Don't panic. You don't want your purchase to go sour. According to the NKBA survey, large-scale bathroom projects such as worktops or cabinets are more common than labor-intensive extensions like tilework. Over $4500 master bath projects had 90% more countertop upgrades and 70% more tiling than projects less than $4500.


In certain cases, an addition to your bath may be cheaper than replacing it. Remodeling magazine states that a moderately priced bathroom addition can be purchased for $49,598, and offers a 54 percent return. While the average price of an upmarket renovation is $67.106, you can expect to earn 56.6 percent more return if you go all out. The middle price range is best if you are looking to sell your property. A makeover of this nature costs an average of $21,377. But, the return on your investment is 64%.


  • Additions to Your House

A master suite can be added to your home. According to the NAR 2019 remodeling impact report, it costs $150,000 with a 50% return. However, remodelers have experienced a higher return on their investments if they were strategic about expanding.


"We recently completed a 2-story classic home extension on behalf of a client. The client requested that a master bedroom, bath, and laundry room be added to their home. It provided an 89 percent return-on-investment and made the property attractive to Baby Boomers who weren't able to climb stairs as often. This initiative led to the creation of a market. It isn't very marketable if there are great properties with separated spaces.


  • Refinished Basement

You could maximize your home's footprint by turning unused space into living space. However, you shouldn't expect a big return when it's time to sell. According to the 2019 Remodeling Report, you'll get a 64 percent return. Theunissen reminds however that what is done in the basement can impact the value of your investment when it comes time for you to sell.

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