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Coast Tradelines Review

Jan 25


Coast Tradelines Review

Coast Tradelines is unique in the tradelines business because they provide tradeline bundles available in multiple tranches

Coast Tradelines was founded in the year 2010 under the name Strong Tower Tradelines. They later incorporated Verifico platform into their suite of technology, however, in 2019, they decided to strike out on their own and rebranded the company as Coast Tradelines.

Coast Tradelines

Coast Tradelines

Coast Tradelines was founded in 2010 as Strong Tower Tradelines. Over time they incorporated Verifico platform in their software suite, but in the year 2019, they broke out on their own and rebranded the company Coast Tradelines.


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Coast Tradelines was founded in 2010 under the name Strong Tower Tradelines

They gradually incorporated Verifico platform into their technology suite however, in 2019, they decided to strike out on their own and renamed the company Coast Tradelines.

Coast Tradelines is distinct in the field of tradelines as they offer tradeline bundles that are available in various tranches. Coast's concentration on volume permits it to structure tradeline bundles that bring down costs. So, Coast gives great value to traders and retail customers.

They also offer a validation program for EINs, SSNs and CPNs (up to 10 at each time) which allows users to determine if they have any issues in those numbers that might affect their score on the financial scale. The diversification of their offerings sets them apart from other single-proprietor businesses who only offer tradelines for individual transactions.

Coast CEO Andy also sees a potential regarding the lack of understanding in the general public about how tradelines work . This leads to a doubt about some providers. He has pushed Coast Tradelines to develop tech-first solutions for customer issues, including phone, text online chat, email, and other options for customers. Most importantly, Coast's customer service representatives are welcoming, helpful and patient when explaining the complexities of tradelines and credit scores.

Another sign that Coast is dedicated to high-quality is the library of informational posts in addition to a helpful frequently-asked inquiries page and a comprehensive glossary of words that will help customers find answers to their questions . They also help customers make an informed decision prior to buying.

Coast Tradelines Strengths

Coast Tradelines's unique bundling strategy of tradelines set them apart from the business. It allows them to provide more value at a lesser cost to users as well as brokers. With their other distinct services like ID verification and a great quantity of educational material, Coast's products place them at the top of tradeline services.

Coast also excels in its customer service. When we called to inquire about information and assistance, the representatives were pleasant and well informed. All requests were replied to in quick time. Additionally, it is possible to get updates or responses over the phone, through text messages, or online through the website.

Coast Tradelines Areas for Improvement

Although Coast's educational materials are fantastic, some competitors provide more video and other tutorials to help buyers who have never been there before navigate their buying experience.

Their inventory typically sells out quickly, which isn't great for those trying to find a tradeline at the at the end of the month however, it does show Coast is highly regarded and trusted by its customers.

Is Coast Tradelines suitable for you?

If you're a client or a broker searching for the most amount of value, Coast Tradelines is a wonderful choice. Their helpful customer service and vast industry knowledge makes making the right choice easy.

Coast prides itself on giving its customers complete control over the number and kinds of tradelines they choose. It has high scores for customers' experience, prices and reliability, Coast is a great all-round option to purchase tradelines.

  • A large inventory allows Coast to offer the lowest cost
  • Unique features such as tradeline bundles and ID validation
  • The process is easy to follow with no hidden costs.
  • An overwhelming amount of stock can overwhelm at times.
  • We don't take credit card payment
  • Very poor customer service on the weekends
All in all 4.5/5

Coast Tradelines's combination of low prices, extensive inventory and their professionalism make them a solid choice. Additionally, services such as tradeline bundles, ID verification and more are attractive for both retail customers as well as brokers.

Pricing 4/5

Coast has some of the lowest prices available due to their abundance of high-quality exchange lines. The goal of keeping costs low is an essential goal of the company and informs much of their tradeline acquisition.

Inventory 4/5

A total of 400 tradelines are offered each month, but the inventory goes quickly. All lines are tested and premium.

Customer Experience 4.5/5

Coast Tradelines website is well organized and easy to navigate. Their forms are straightforward and easy to utilize. Customer service usually responds within 24 hours through texts or phone calls.

Trustworthiness 4/5

The sales staff is experienced and can address customers' concerns. All contracts are written which protects users, and the company has over 10 years of industry knowledge.

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