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Be judicious before you decide to repair or Replacing the Roof

Jun 22


This isn't something that homeowners want to tackle. Your roof is an integral part of your home's structure. It is essential to complete the work prior to any roofing issues becoming serious structural damage.

But how do you know how long you will be able to survive without roof repairs or require the complete replacement of your roof? We are roofing contractors licensed and are eager to help you make this vital decision on your finances.

Signs that you may need roofing replacement

Do you need to replace your roof, or can you get by with having your roof fixed? These are indicators that indicate you need to have your roof replaced.


The old roof has been damaged in several parts.

If the damage to your roof is only a small portion of your current roof, it could be possible to increase the lifespan of your roof. A skilled roofers in pittsburgh pa area using the spare shingles will be able to fix leaks and repair roof material that is damaged.


If the roof is showing leaks in several locations or you notice you paying for the replacement of "a couple of shingles" it could be the right the time to upgrade your roof.


Achieving a match between roof shingles is a problem.

Your home is your castle and you do your best to increase its curb appeal. Perhaps you've had asphalt shingles replaced. However, even though it may have stopped your roof leak however, you might not be happy with the patchwork of hues that are visible on the roof.


It's now more costly to fix your roof.

Although a complete roof replacement may be expensive but it's much more affordable than repairs to your roof. Therefore, you could save money over the long term by ripping off an older roofing system and replacing it with fresh roofing materials.


Your roof has passed its sell-by-date.

Asphalt roofs aren't built to last for a long time. If you can get two decades of life from an asphalt roof under extreme weather conditions or with severe UV rays, you can consider yourself lucky.


Your roof's not in compliance to current building regulations.

Did you know that a lot of regions have strict building codes that restrict the amount of layers you can build on top of an existing roof? If you already have two layers of roofing shingles and you are required to finish a complete roof replacement on the next time. Roofers pittsburgh will help you identify the best estimate for the roof.


The structure of your home is damaged.

The roof on your house is an integral component. If your roof has been ignored for some time, you might begin to notice warning signs of other small damage to various areas of the structure. For instance, roof problems can cause decay of wood, nails popping inside the home, damages to the roof deck, or a sagging roof.

Contact Roofing Contractors for an expert roof inspection

The roofing contractors you choose to work with aren't all the same. Steadfast Roofing is a trusted commercial roofing firm located in Pittsburgh, PA. We have locations all over the United States. The specialists who repair storm damage roofs will gladly repair some roof leaks or replace any missing shingles. But, if the work doesn't make sense, you can trust us for complete or partial roofing replacements.


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