5 Best Architects in San Jose????

Below is a list of the best and leading architects in San Jose. To help you find the best architects in your area in San Jose, we’ve compiled our own list based on this review score list.

San Jose’s best architects:

The top rated architects in San Jose are:

  • Studio G Architects Inc – has a proven track record of outstanding design
  • HMC Architects – aims to create designs that have a positive impact
  • Anderson BrulĂ© Architects – offers comprehensive services in the fields of strategic planning, architecture and interior design
  • Milano & Associates Architects – offers excellent quality in customer service
  • TOPA Architecture Inc – meets and exceeds all expectations of its customers

Studio G Architects Inc.Studio G Architects Inc.

Studio G Architects Inc. is an interior design and architecture firm founded in 2007 in collaboration with Kelly Simcox, Glenn Bolich and Rick Yeh. It is a women-owned company based in San Jose, California with a proven record of excellence in design. As a full service company, they take care of all aspects of architecture and interior design to ensure that each project’s individual design, budget and schedule expectations are met or exceeded.

As a client of STUDIO G, they have brought together their many years of experience in the Bay Area to ensure the quality and production capabilities of “large companies” with little attention to detail. As a small company, they look forward to working with you in person. They have assembled a team of seasoned professionals using the latest technology and a strong network of consultants to ensure that every aspect of your project is implemented successfully.


Renovations, corporate, public, residential


Address: 299 Bassett St # 250, San Jose, CA 95110
Phone: (408) 283-0100
Website: www.studiogarchitectsinc.com


“We recommend Studio G Architects Inc, whose professionalism cannot be measured. You have an innovative and unique design concept. Even in impossible cases, they have solutions for it. They are ideal architects that you must use and who will bring you benefits. Not only do they work for their company’s good smell, but they worked so hard and made me happy in their business because of their fashion that they loved to serve and give the best. In fact, they suggest the better things that would work for you. Thank you for the creative experience. “- Elmer S.

HMC ArchitectsHMC Architects

HMC Architects HMC was founded with the aim of waiting for the needs of the community. The aim is to develop designs that have a positive impact now and in the future. They mainly focus on ways to make the most direct contribution to communities – through health care, education, and civic spaces. You dive in. You investigate. They solve complex problems to deliver a great architecture that meets the needs of their customers.

From healthcare and education to citizen projects, they have the ability to meet your challenges and create environments that work, excite and withstand. They enable their employees to make a difference beyond their daily deadlines. Together they invest their talents, time and dollars to serve the common good.


Healthcare, education, civic spaces, interior design


Address: 333 W San Carlos St Suite 750, San José, CA 95110
Phone: (408) 977-9160
Website: www.hmcarchitects.com


“Best place to work.” – Shweta J.

Anderson Brulé ArchitectsAnderson Brulé Architects

Anderson Brulé Architects was founded in 1984 based on their propensity for innovation, architecture in design and a commitment to transforming the profession. They offer comprehensive services in the areas of strategic planning, architecture and interior design. The process of creating sustainable places is essential to their core markets of community, housing, health, wellness, and education.

Over the years they have carefully fostered an environment that truly supports each individual’s success and goals. They do this by aligning individual goals with their company’s strategic goals, which are jointly set at their annual retreat. At Anderson BrulĂ© Architects, everyone, regardless of their title, discipline or years of experience, has more than one voice. She has a real chance to direct and influence the future legacy of Anderson BrulĂ© Architects.


Strategic planning, architecture, interior design, sustainability


Address: 325 S 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113
Phone: (408) 298-1885
Website: www.aba-arch.com


“In the heart of the city center. I was there for an AIA event. The management here is the very inspiring and great leadership team. “- Joshi S.

Milano & Associates ArchitectsSource - Pexels

Milano & Associates Architects is based in San Jose, California. With more than 15 years of architectural experience, they have been involved in the administration, design, working drawings and construction management of various sizes and types of projects including new remodeling, construction and additions to single family homes and apartment blocks, commercial, institutional and educational projects .

They strongly believe that creating a successful project begins with everyone working together, maintaining customer satisfaction, and building good relationships with customers and consultants. They believe in unique solutions, always do their best and create spaces and buildings that meet the budgets, needs, dreams and wishes of their customers. Their goal is to ensure excellent quality in terms of customer service, idea design, technical competence, budget and adherence to schedules.


New homes, small and large extensions and conversions, extensions on the second floor, exterior and interior fittings, accessory structures, improvements to interior tenants


Address: 1761 Braddock Ct # 5948, San Jose, CA 95125
Phone: (650) 271-0538
Website: www.milanoarchitects.com


“Lili did a great job and turned our vision into reality. It’s been 7 years since our remodel and we still love it! We keep getting compliments from our guests. “- Gigi G.

TOPA Architecture Inc.TOPA Architecture Inc.

TOPA Architecture Inc. meets and exceeds every client’s program, budget and schedule expectations. It was founded in 2007 and strives for excellence in design in the variety of work it has received. They specialize in the architectural design of religious spaces, catering services, retail centers, and high-tech facilities. With these projects, TOPA Architecture continuously tries to summarize the true meaning of design.

The team is customer focused and tries to contribute to the formation and restoration of communities through the concepts of architectural design. They believe that by taking good care of a client, they will achieve their purpose as architects and designers, improving their community and building long-term relationships with everyone involved. The team at TOPA Architecture Inc come from many different backgrounds and provide exceptional services that exceed clients’ expectations by using their years of design experience and creative problem solving skills.


Faith, business, restaurant, housing, monument preservation


Address: 1150 N 1st St # 140, San Jose, CA 95112
Phone: (408) 320-0248
Website: www.topaarchitecture.com


“Very good service.” – Alejandro H.


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