5 best supermarkets in San Jose 🥇

Below is a list of the best and leading supermarkets in San Jose. To help you find the best supermarkets near you in San Jose, we have compiled our own list this evaluation point list.

San Jose’s best supermarkets:

The best rated Supermarkets in San Jose are:

  • Fresco supermarket – Offers a range of specialties and ethnic foods from around the world, as well as traditional and conventional foods.
  • grocery store – Discount chain with branded foods as well as items such as gifts and toys.
  • Safeway – Longstanding supermarket chain with branded and house-brand foods as well as a delicatessen, a bakery and much more.
  • Lion market – This grocery store has a wide variety of foods from around the world including Hispanic products.
  • Sprouts farmers market – Special chain with a selection of natural and organic foods.

Fresco supermarket

5 best supermarkets in San Jose

Fresco supermarket was created from a single source due to the lack of multiethnic supermarkets. Opened in 2011, Fresco Supermarket has since grown into one of the largest and best-known grocery chains, covering the needs of the community. They have a wide variety of food, meat, seafood, products, and cheaper prices to cater to all customers whether you are on a tight budget or indulge your worries with whatever you want to buy. The staff at Fresco are very friendly and help you with a smile while you make sure you get the best customer experience while shopping for groceries.

Produce, meat, seafood, bakery, delicatessen, grocery, offerings, sale

Address: 2217 Quimby Rd, San Jose, CA 95122
Phone: (408) 270-8288
Website: frescosupermarket.com

Huge selection of products from many regions and I love the freshly made everyday tortillas. They have a wonderful taste that you don’t get from regular, store-bought tortillas. Perfect for authentic dishes and the daily accompaniment of dishes. – Denise Arriaga

grocery store

5 best supermarkets in San Jose

grocery store ranks as one of the largest extreme value grocery stores in America with nearly 300 independently operated stores in California, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and Pennsylvania. This grocery chain is known for their amazing sales where you can save up to 70% on branded food every day. Grocery Outlet’s bargain sales are a dream come true for those who want to spend less for more. The staff will help you enter until you check out with your goods. If you want to shop and save money in the process, the Grocery Outlet is the place to go.

Groceries, meat, home appliances, fruits and vegetables, wine and brandy, gift cards, sales

Address: 5650 Hollis Street Emeryville, CA 94608
Phone: (510) 845-1999
Website: Groceroutoutlet.com

I am a low donor to food and I would love offerings in food in general. This store has almost every grocery store for a bargain price. Check once to see if items will expire as they may temporarily expire in a month or two. Great shop to buy a variety of things. – Aswin Prasad


Best supermarkets in San Jose

Safeway offers a convenient and relaxed shopping experience in San Jose. The friendly atmosphere and staff at Safeway make for an amazing customer experience for anyone shopping there. Safeway is the complete package, a well-stocked grocery store, a bakery with a delicious collection of cakes and cupcakes, and a pharmacy where you can pick up your medication. Customer service is also a highlight for Safeway. He has excellent and friendly staff who will help you with your shopping with a smile. If you want a comfortable and relaxed shopping experience, Safeway offers this and more.

Grocery store, bakery, delicatessen, online shopping, pharmacy

Address: 2558 Berryessa Rd San Jose, CA 95132
Phone: (408) 272-2287
Website: safeway.com

The shopping there was very nice. Clean and very friendly staff, they were helpful as it was my first time there. To find the things I needed I will return, I am new to this field. – Pete Lapointe

Lion market

San Jose Best Supermarkets

Lion market is popular for its wide range of authentic Asian products. Opened in 1982 at Lion Plaza, San Jose, Lion Market is a family business focused on providing not only the best selection of international goods, but the best in customer service. The store carries brands from around the world, certain brands and products from Asia. The Lion Market offers 25,000 items, from everyday groceries to exotic and hard-to-find ingredients. If you are planning on making that delicious Vietnamese pho or that delicious Filipino adobo, Lion Market has all the ingredients you need.

Hard to find items and products from Asia and other countries

Address: 1070 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122
Phone: (408) 288-8188
Website: lionsupermarket.com

The inventory that is hard to find in other Asian and American markets is out of stock. Large vegetarian and vegan selection! – Niki Vu

Sprouts farmers market

San Joses best supermarkets

Sprouts farmers market presents not only the freshest and highest quality products and products, but also high quality seasonal products. They have islands of healthy and fresh food that paint the place with plenty of color. SFM offers, among other things, a whole collection of fresh fruit, vegetables, various types of grain, comprehensive deli service, fresh meat and seafood. You can also dine on delicious dishes like homemade burgers, sausages, and other delicious snacks. The staff will also help you with anything you need so that the little things don’t make you sweat.

Produce, Meat & Seafood, Dairy, Frozen Food, Delicatessen, Bakery, Bulk, Groceries, Vitamins & Personal Care, Beer & Wine, Sprout Brands

Address: 1130 Branham Ln. San Jose, CA 95118
Phone: (408) 833-1152
Website: sprouts.com

This grocery store is so great. They have everything I need at a very affordable price. All employees are very courteous and helpful. Such a wide variety of food and snacks. They also have a large parking lot and a safe. I am very amazed with this grocery store. I gave them a five star rating. Highly recommended! – Donna Reyes

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