Broncos sweep double header in the state of San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif. – The Boise State softball rolled into a double-header sweep in San Jose state on Saturday afternoon, led by solid pitches and hits en route to two wins at the Mountain West Conference. Boise State won their first game in five innings with an 11-1 result, followed by an 8-0 win with six innings in the second game. The blues and oranges never lagged behind on the day both games started quickly, with runs in the first inning of each competition. The wins improved the Broncos to 12-14 overall and 4-4 in conference.

“It was fantastic to see the bats come alive together today,” said head coach Maggie Huffaker. “We did a great job performing and stringing hits together and again had quality starts from Kiele Miller and Sara Johnson!”

The Broncos starting pitchers recorded full games, allowing three combined hits and one run, while scoring a team ERA of 0.64 in 11 innings of action. Offensively, the Boise State Batters were hot, racking up 26 hits that day, including a season high of 14 in their first game when the Broncos ended with a team batting average of .456 against the San Jose State pitching team.

Three Broncos recorded four hits that day, led by Alison Seng with a batting average of .800 on the 4-of-5, followed by Jordyn Hutchins who went 4-on-6 (.667) and Kelsey Lalor who with 4- for-7 (.571). The trio combined for 12 hits, 10 runs and 10 RBI.

Boise State and San Jose State will conclude the three-game series on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. (Mountain).

RECAP: Boise State 11, San Jose State 1

Boise State’s starting pitcher Kiele Miller went all the way, keeping the Spartan batters at bay as their teammates exploded to a season high of 14 hits and 11 runs. Miller gave up two hits and a four-stroke run and three walks en route to her third win of the season. Boise State would explode for four runs in the third and three in the fourth and fifth innings to knock the Spartans off the pitch.

The Broncos opened the scoring in the first inning when the first two Batters Singles hit to get the ball rolling. With Lalor in third place, Hutchins sent a sacrificial fly into midfield to get Lalor over the plate for the first run of the game.

In the third inning, blue and orange battled it out when Boise State brought home four base runners to place the game out of reach of San Jose State. With two failures and no one on the base, the Broncos got to work. Bella Rocco singled for the shortstop, followed by Hutchins, who doubled up to midfield and brought Rocco home. Next, Seng hit left to hit Hutchins. Bennett was the sixth batsman on the plate in the inning, walking right to right, moving Seng up to third. Boise State then successfully turned into a double steal, scoring Seng in third place while Bennett took second place. Karlee Johnson was then hit by bad luck. India Kelly, who hit a pinch, followed with a single in the middle to take Bennett from second to 5-0. Broncos went into the bottom half of the inning.

After SJSU scored a run to 5-1 at Boise State in the third run, the Broncos responded with three more runs in the fourth run. With Lalor in third and Ashlyn Adams in second, Hutchins came out on top. She made a field mistake that brought Lalor home and moved Adams to third place. Seng then sacrificed motley for third place and brought Adams home for the second run of the inning. The bottom line of the frame came when Bennett turned left and brought Hutchins from the second to the plate.

At 8-1, the Broncos added some insurance runs when they scored three more goals. The Broncos fought in the game for the second time when Boise State deployed five prize hitters. India Kelly opened the inning with a pinch of Bunt, who later stole second place to get into the goal position. Isabelle Butler left, followed by Lalor, who doubled in to the left center to meet Kelly. With two outages, the Broncos had Butler in third and Lalor in second as Hutchins hit a single field to the right, taking both Lalor and Butler over the plate for the final runs of the game, leading Boise State 11-1.

San Jose State failed to score in the lower half of game five and ended the game under the eight-run rule.

RECAP: Boise State 8, San Jose State 0

Boise State started the second game like the first, struck early for two runs, then extended their lead over the final five innings of the game. Sara Johnson posed for the Broncos, knocking out nine Spartans while one went and gave up a hit. She retired the Spartans in four of the six innings when she took her second win of the season.

The Bronco-Batters underpinned Johnson’s pitching performance with solid hits and 12 hits in the game. Seng led with three goals, followed by Lalor, Rocco and Hutchins with two each.

Boise State opened the game with two points at the top of the first. Today for the second time Lalor opened with a lead in the middle. With one goal Rocco doubled and scored Lalor from the start. Hutchins was the next batsman, sending a single to the right that brought Rocco home to one for Bronco’s 2-0 lead.

With a margin of third place, Rocco prevailed in the middle. Hutchins was then hit by bad luck to put the runners in first and second place. Seng then went through the right side to load the bases. Bennett then cleared the bases with a double midfield of three RBIs that hit the wall.

Bronco had a 5-0 advantage until sixth when Boise State struck for three runs. Hailey Hayes won with a mistake in the center left. Lalor then tripled the right field line to meet Grace Kimball, who ran for Hayes. Butler then went to take runners to the corners. With two failures, Hutchins met the pitcher who brought Lalor home from third place. Then, with Butler in third place, Hutchins stole second place, when SJSU’s catcher’s litter passed the shortstop while attempting to extinguish, Butler came home for the throwing error. This turned out to be the end result of the game as the state of San Jose failed to score at the end of sixth place.

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