Busy developers see three new residential towers in downtown San Jose

SAN JOSE – A busy developer has tentative plans to develop three residential towers in an increasingly hip and trendy part of downtown San Jose.

Developer Gary Dillabough has secured contracts to purchase multiple sites that will provide the plots required to build two residential projects where the towers would be in the South First Area or the SoFA district of downtown San Jose.

According to preliminary plans drawn up by Dillabough and his company Urban Community, the two projects together could bring nearly 400 residential units within the three high-rise buildings in the city center.

The residential high-rises would be built next to or near office towers that are being planned by the mega developer West Bank on the so-called Valley Title property. The West Bank and Dillabough have formed a development alliance to build five major projects that would create dramatic changes in downtown San Jose.

“These are locations that we are currently working on to make sure we can achieve the vision of having apartments close to the office towers,” said Dillabough.

One residential tower would be 23 stories high, another 21 stories, and the third 11 stories, according to early-stage plans drawn up by Dillabough.

The suggestions are very preliminary and are subject to change based on feedback received, said Dillabough.

“We want to make sure we are very thoughtful about the neighborhood,” said Dillabough. “We want to be very cooperative. We want to understand how we would do something that is respectful and hopefully inspiring. “

Dillabough wants as much feedback as possible from the community near the proposed residential towers, as well as city guides and town planners.

Two potential housing developments in downtown San Jose, one on East San Salvador Street between South Second Street and South Third Street (lower center) and the other on 420 S. Third St. (left) // Google Maps

The properties currently house the Dai Thanh supermarket on South Second Street, a strip mall that runs along East San Salvador Street between South Second Street and South Third Street, and an apartment complex on 420 S. Third St .

Dillabough has teamed up with local developers and property managers Jeff Arrillaga, Tony Arreola and Mark Lazzarini to secure the contracts for the upcoming property purchases.

Dillabough believes the three apartment towers would help address the housing shortage in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area in general.

“The biggest problem we have in South Bay and San Jose is housing,” said Dillabough. “We have to build true-to-scale and meaningful apartments. We have to create some momentum there. “

The SoFA district’s trio of skyscrapers is just the beginning of what Dillabough has in store for San Jose.

“You will hear us talk a lot about housing over the next six months,” said Dillabough.

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