Coyote assault places San Jose neighborhood on alert – NBC Bay Space

Warning signs are being put up in San Jose’s Santa Theresa neighborhood. And the woman behind the flyers lost her 11-year-old cat on Tuesday.

“He was a great little guy,” said Angela Moehring.

The cat’s name was Goliath, but Möhring said she had no chance against this opponent: “It was one of the largest coyotes I have ever seen.”

Möhring said she only let her cat out for about 20 minutes Tuesday morning, as she did every day, before going to work. Suddenly she heard her roommate’s dogs barking.

A coyote had wandered into the residential area of ​​Valroy Ct. and jumped over her backyard fence. Möhring says she screamed and scared off the coyote, but it was too late.

“I saw the consequences: my cat’s back was slashed and his liver was hanging out and his neck was broken,” said Möhring.

There has been an increase in coyote attacks within city limits this year, according to San Jose Animal Care and Services.

“We have a handful of coyote attacks in San Jose this year, mostly involving cats that are left outdoors. It’s an unfortunate situation, “said Jay Terrado, San Jose Animal Care and Services captain.

According to Terrado, it’s unusual for the attack to have occurred at 7:45 a.m. as coyotes typically hunt at night. However, he says the widespread drought could be a factor luring coyotes into the neighborhood for food and water.

“Once they’re drawn to an area, they’re going to eat pretty much anything they can get hold of,” Terrado said.

While the animal services investigate, Möhring makes the floor by plastering their neighborhood with warning signs to make sure what happened to Goliath doesn’t happen to anyone else.

“I want people to know that coyotes are jumping over our backyard fences and killing our pets. And many people have children, and it is known that coyotes attack small children when they are desperate, ”said Möhring.

Other neighbors say they saw a coyote killed Valroy Ct. Friday around 9 a.m.

Animal Care and Services recommends keeping all cats, small dogs, and children indoors unless you are supervising them outdoors. And at (408) 794-PAWS (7297) if you see a coyote near you.

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