Discovered stolen San Jose meals truck however house owners say it’s inoperative


Last Sunday evening, a surveillance video captured two people in a white pickup truck who seamlessly tow the truck with a trailer hitch and drive off.

A food truck stolen from South Bay a few weeks ago has now been returned to the owners.

The Adelita Cocina Food Truck was taken from a chevron parking lot in San Jose, but on Tuesday police said the trailer was in Merced County.

The San Jose family is desperate for a stolen food truck

The detectives who found the truck dragged it back more than 70 miles to Juana Ayala and her husband, who were pleased with the return.

However, they did show photos of the newly painted trailer, which is now basically inoperative as most of the devices were taken inside.

The family said they will use the GoFundMe money raised to fix it.

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