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Holy Grail OSRS Quest Guide

Nov 4

Gaining favor with Hosidius isn't just about gaining access to the kitchens in their city, but it also allows you more chances of not burning any food while cooking. You will have access to a variety of things such as farms and guilds that can help level up your OSRS skills.

How To Gain OSRS Hosidius Favor

Gaining OSRS Hosidius favor does come at great benefits, and there are multiple ways in which one could do so. In this Old School RuneScape guide, we'll be taking a look at some methods through which you may gain this favor. Also, you might want to get more OSRS gold before starting this quest.

Ploughing Fields

The only way to begin is by ploughing the fields, specifically those south of town. To gain favor you must push and pull back and forth with your hands on the soil in a manageable motion. You will automatically be doing this as you make your way towards where it reaches the edge of that field; if something breaks then use a hammer to fix it up right away! This activity also gives farming experience for free which can't hurt either.

If you're searching for a plough, head down southeast of Hosidius. This area is also found to the southwest of the vinery and northwest Tithe if you have skills necklace teleport then just go east toward the woodcutting guild before heading towards the altar which can be located in the northern part of town.


You'll need a 5% favor to get started on making your own fertilizer. This will also grant you farming experience! To make the fertilizer, you will need saltpetre and compost. You can find both by heading east of the Woodcutting guild or trade with other players in-game for them; Konoo is an excellent indicator of where they might be found because he offers a spare spade that's perfect for digging up this valuable resource - as well as being able to tell you if there are any nearby spawn points left unexplored so far.

The quest to find the saltpetre progresses into a task of planting seeds and creating fertilizers. Once you have combined it with compost, take them over to this person in that building who will give you 0.1% favor per bucket handed in when your reach 5%. The reward for reaching 100% is 950 buckets.

The Depths of Despair Quest

The Depths of Despair quest can be started once you have hit 20% favor. As a reward for completing the quest, you will receive a 10% Hosidius Favor Certificate in addition to 18 Agility points and completion of Client Of Kourend Quest.

The Mess Hall

From 45% favor, you can then head to the Mess and cook for Shayzien soldiers in need of food. You will be cooking at a buffet table where there are three different dishes that players may choose from: stew, pineapple pizza, or meat pie. The player must have certain skill levels as well as ingredients on hand before they can make any particular dish.

Grape Seeds

It's always a good idea to have your skills as high as possible before you go on any adventure. If you can level up your OSRS farming skill by 36, then that will give you access to grape seeds in which one of their benefits is 0.8% favor per seed planted!