Is there a sooner approach to get to I-5 from San Jose?

Q: With Interstate 580, the only interstate highway between I-5 and most of the Bay Area for large oil rigs, it becomes a polluting car park east on weekday afternoons. Are there any plans to improve San Jose’s access to I-5? Highway 84 becomes a poor solution as a would-be freeway drives through the residential areas of Livermore.

Steven McGinnis, Pleasanton

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A: There is some hope if 84 turns into an expressway from I-580 to I-680 in a few years. And there is also FasTrak, which allows you to enter the toll lane on 580 and bypass the big rigs on 580.

Starting this spring, Caltrans will widen Highway 84 from Ruby Hill Drive to I-680 and Highway 84 / I-680. The expansion will be completed in 2024.

The following is still to come as part of this project:

  • Consolidation of openings, private driveways and country roads to new front roads.
  • Realignment of the driveway from Paloma Way to South I-680.
  • Reconstruction of the exit from Norden 680.
  • Construction of an overpass ramp from Calaveras Road north 680 and construction of a new driveway from Calaveras north 84.

Q: When will they repair all of the potholes and crossover points on and from the Dumbarton Bridge on Highway 84 east from Marsh Road to Interstate 880? You have been there for several months and it’s getting worse every day. The road has calmed down a lot and thrown me out of my seat in the truck I’m driving. I have to look like a drunk driver from behind dodging and dodging all the potholes.

Lindsay Kaye

A: This is not good. Repairs will come soon.

Q: Why should we pay more in response to the proposed mileage tax? We already pay high taxes on gasoline, which only seems to help with the new toll lanes for wealthy drivers who can afford the additional cost. The only people who should have the mileage tax are vehicles that don’t use gasoline.

Colette Aragon, San Jose

A: You will, and weighs a Prius driver.

Q: The Prius is a gas car that happens to be doing good, not great, mileage, probably at a level commensurate with the damage it does to the road surface. I haven’t bought a gallon of gas in 11 years, and my increased electricity bill has nothing to do with the road infrastructure. With internal combustion cars going to be largely obsolete by around 2030, we need to find a replacement for the fuel tax, whether we like it or not. The kilometers traveled are an intrusive solution. I haven’t come up with anything better yet. Certainly a dilemma.

D. And

A: Indeed, that is the dilemma

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