Lecturers in San Jose are having hassle getting a COVID vaccine

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – In one school district, efforts to vaccinate teachers as a prerequisite for schools reopening hit a hook in admission requirements.

Some teachers say they fall through the cracks.

Officials say they are working on a solution to a mystery posed by teachers who are having trouble getting the vaccine because they work in one county but live in another.

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Kelly Walker, a music teacher at Willow Glen High School, teaches from her school office in San Jose and says she couldn’t get the vaccine because she works in Santa Clara County but lives over the hill in Santa Cruz.

In recognition of the teacher’s dilemma, Santa Cruz County Public Health issued a statement Wednesday that read in part:

“While Santa Cruz County has job-related vaccinations, Santa Cruz Public Health has determined that teachers who live or work in Santa Cruz County are both community service and eligible for Phase 1b vaccines.”

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In response to our query, Santa Clara County Public Health wrote:

“On the basis of the previous guidelines and allocation formulas of the state, vaccinations for groups of the population other than health care workers were limited by the county of residence. We know the state is working on uniform guidance, and once this is released the county will make any necessary adjustments to the eligibility for vaccine nomination. “

For example, Walker is among the 9 percent of San Jose Unified employees who live outside of Santa Clara County.

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In its statement, the district said it was working on options or other avenues to the vaccine and said:

“We will be giving all San Jose Unified employees the opportunity to get vaccinated in the next few weeks by coordinating with all vaccine providers.”

While some teachers turn to their health care providers, Walker says that isn’t an option for them either.

Beginning February 28, Santa Clara County will expand vaccination to teachers, as well as food and ag and emergency services. Until the guidelines change, Kelly Walker and other non-resident teachers are not eligible.

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