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Loafers vs sneakers

Oct 15

Loafers : The Oxford shoe, also known as the Balmoral or Weejuns (Norwegian) is a pointed lace-up leather shoe with an ornamental buckle that fastens at the top of the shoe. It usually has a rubber sole and heel which are stitched to the sole, after which they are cemented to the base of the shoe. The Oxford is most often made out of leather, although it can be found in any material depending on the manufacturer's preferences.

Loafers have been part of men's casual dress for decades and were first popularized by Edward VIII who wore them to hunt. Loafers are a very versatile form of footwear that can be worn with anything from jeans to suits. Loafers are believed to have been first worn by the Duke of Windsor.


Sneakers : Sneakers or tennis shoes are lightweight, flexible casual shoes manufactured with soft uppers and without shoelaces. The development of sneakers was an attempt to create the least expensive footwear that could be mass-marketed to children for playing sports, and adults for informal use. Sneakers can be worn almost anywhere, such as school or work.

Sneakers were originally designed in France in the 1860s and became popular half a century later when basketball players wore them on their feet. The sneakers had rubber soles and leather uppers which made them durable and easy to clean too.