Local influencers use social media to promote vaccinations in hard-to-reach areas of San Jose

San Jose, CA (KGO) – In dozens of posts on the latest lifestyle, fashion, and food trends, about 30 people believed to have local influence are promoting vaccination.

Effort is part of everything pilot, A Successful Paid Partnership in Other States.

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“It’s our pilot,” says Chris Thompson. Knight Foundation I told ABC7 News. “So far, 25 micro-influencers have been involved in the program. You’ve sent just over 95 posts, and the number of impressions from those posts is over 1.5 million. “

Thompson is the San Jose Program Director of the Knight Foundation.

“They have a platform on social media where they can talk to a lot of people who are listening to them,” he said.

“So we hope they are effective channels for the information the city can provide,” added Thompson.

The Knight Foundation, San Jose City, and influencer marketing agency XOMAD have recruited online personalities targeting hard-to-reach residents of the city.

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Behind social media messaging are Bay Area residents, which reflects the community with the lowest vaccination rates and highest COVID-19 cases.

“In San Jose, it’s mostly our LatinX community, our Black African ancestry community, and our Vietnamese community,” said Carolina Camalena of the City of San Jose to ABC7 News.

“Very early in the pandemic, the city worked with local community leaders to actually reinforce the COVID-19 safety message,” she continued. “So the ability to use local residents and social media influencers seemed like a natural progression for us.”

She stressed that it is important for the city to ensure that the people involved reflect the person they are trying to reach.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to test new ways to reach marginalized communities who may not be attentive to our community, especially governments and agencies,” added Camarena. It was. “It is important to take advantage of our own residents and to ensure they receive funding from the Knight Foundation for this pilot program.”

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“While we are recovering, there is also an economic recovery that includes our social media influencers and small businesses,” she said.

One of the influencers involved in the campaign, Johnny Tran, a graduate of San Jose State University. He is known on social media for his creative transition.

“The idea is like I’m turning or doing some dynamic movement and in the meantime I’m going to get changed so it looks really seamless,” Tran told ABC7 News. “It’s very different because it raises awareness about vaccines. I try to create awareness when various social problems arise because I think that is very important. “

With 64,000 followers on Instagram and more than 165,000 followers on TikTok, Tran believes his posts use his voice and words to augment vital vaccination information. I did.

“There is talk of hesitation, but I’m happier,” he said of the vaccine with some of his followers. “You see other people doing it, so either start thinking about it or take a step in that direction.”

“I think spreading knowledge is the only really big step, and if social media is the way to reach these people, this is the best way to do it,” he added.

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Tran is most active on Instagram and Ticktaku, sharing the story of his vaccine on both platforms.

“The main thing was just a photo, but most of the information is in the label or the carousel so you can swipe to see the details,” he said. “And it has information about where to find more information on the website, or my personal story about how the vaccine affected me.”

The ultimate goal of the campaign is to help Santa Clara County get a full vaccination by August 1st by relying on Influence.

“I think the messages and campaigns are aimed at people who are reluctant to vaccinate and for many very good reasons there is a significant proportion of those who question the decision. We know, ”the Knight Foundation told ABC7 News. “We also know that there is a lot of misinformation about vaccines, some of the effects of vaccines, the effectiveness of vaccines, and the safety of vaccines. The aim of this campaign is therefore to make it accessible to people. This is good information so that you can make better decisions. “

The “social media messengers” participating in the campaign use the hashtags #StayHealthySJ and #ThisIsOurShotSJ.

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Local influencers use social media to promote vaccinations in hard-to-reach areas of San Jose. Source link Local influencers use social media to promote vaccinations in hard-to-reach areas of San Jose

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