Mass shooting in San Jose: 9th victim dies late Wednesday

The pain and grief were still raw as thousands of all races and beliefs gathered to honor nine victims, all of the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) staff.

SAN JOSE, California – 11:30 p.m. Update:

An amazing barrage of love and support filled a square in San Jose Thursday to honor the nine men who were shot by their colleague who later took his own life.

The pain and grief were still raw as thousands of all races and beliefs gathered to honor nine victims, all of the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) staff.

“They bring everyone to work,” said Vinnie Gorman, another VTA driver. “They bring everyone to school and are there every day. You can rely on them.

In addition to their essential work, the victims were fathers, brothers, sons and dear friends.

Paul Delacruz Megia was killed in the shooting. He was just 42 years old.

“Only close friends and family understood his humor,” said Megia’s sister. “His life was shot. My father lost a best friend.”

Taptejdeep Singh was also killed in the shootings, and his family said the 36-year-old father of two died as a hero.

“When he saw the gunshots, his first reaction was to tell other people to go to safety to make sure his colleagues are safe,” said Singh’s brother Karman. “That’s how he lived his whole life, helping others.”

VTA leaders are calling for a change in gun control and mental health services to break the cycle of mass shootings in the United States.

“Let’s do this together.”

You can see the full vigil below.

6:10 p.m. Update: A vigil is held to remember the 9 victims of the San Jose VTA mass shooting:

A Biden government official says the gunman spoke of hating his job when he was arrested by US customs officials after traveling to the Philippines in 2016.

The officer says a memo from the Department of Homeland Security detailed Samuel James Cassidy’s testimony. The officer saw the memo and reported its contents to The Associated Press, but had no authority to speak publicly about an ongoing investigation.

Cassidy had a notebook with notes about how much he hated the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. When asked if he had any problems with people at work, he said no.

The family of one of the victims of the shooting speaks of their loss.

They said in a statement released by the Sikh coalition that Taptejdeep Singh tried to move his colleagues to safe places and urged others not to come to work in his final moments, according to an eyewitness.

“Even in these moments of chaos, Taptejdeep lived by the values ​​of Sikhi: to live in the service and protection of others. We believe that if the Sagittarius had ever asked our brother for help, Taptejdeep would have done anything for him as he would have done for everyone did what he met, “reads the family’s statement.

Singh was 36 years old and had worked at VTA for at least eight years. He leaves behind a wife and two children, a three-year-old son and a one-year-old daughter.

One of Singh’s colleagues, Sukhvir Singh, who is not related to Taptejdeep, said he received a call from Singh to warn him about the shooter.

“Taptejdeep called to warn me that there was an active shooter in Building B and to hide or leave immediately,” Sukhvir said in a statement. “Thanks to him, so many people have been able to go home to their families. We will never forget how he lived according to the highest ideals of Sikhi in a moment of crisis, and my prayers are with his family and the families of all who have.” loved ones lost in this terrible attack. “

The full statement from the family:

We are devastated at the loss of Taptejdeep, a beloved father, husband, brother, son and nephew. He was a wonderful person who was committed to serving others in both his work and in his spare time.

What we’ve learned from eyewitnesses and others comforts us a little: Taptejdeep spent his last moments protecting others. From what we’ve heard, he was quick to act to get coworkers to safe offices and desperately called others who would have come for shift change to warn them of the shooter. We know he was trying to secure his building when he was killed.

Even in these moments of chaos, Taptejdeep lived by the values ​​of Sikhi: to live in service and protection for others. We believe that if Sagittarius had ever asked our brother for help, Taptejdeep would have done everything for him as he did for everyone he came in contact with; he never harmed anyone, and no one who knew him would ever want to harm him. We remember Taptejdeep as the hero he was, both in these final moments and throughout his entire service life.

During a press conference this morning, Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith updated reporters with new information about the shooting that took place at the San Jose train station on Wednesday.

The shooter, Samuel James Cassidy, had two semi-automatic handguns and 11 loaded magazines, according to the sheriff.

Smith also said that “bomb materials, fuses, the precursors of an explosive” were all found in a locker at the train station that they believe belonged to the shooter.

The Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) held a press conference to not only express their condolences to the families of the victims of Wednesday’s shooting, but also to come together at a time of tragedy.

“Today it’s about honoring our employees. It’s about honoring our employees whose lives have been lost and honoring our employees here today, ”said Stacey Hendler Ross, VTA Public Information Officer, at the press conference.

Several VTA chairmen and staff spoke at the press conference to express their condolences, and many mentioned how much the VTA is a family.

“We are strong, we support each other and we are a family. But today I would like to name the nine that we have lost from our VTA family,” said Evelynn Tran, acting general manager and CEO of VTA.

She also mentioned how they do active marksman training at VTA, but they weren’t prepared for the aftermath that comes after a shootout.

“We get up every morning knowing that when we go to work we will return to our families and loved ones. That didn’t happen with Adrian, Alex, Jose, Lars, Michael, Paul, Taptejdeep and Timothy. ” She said.

The VTA will meet with the Mayor of San Jose and other city leaders tonight at 6 p.m. for a vigil at San Jose City Hall to honor the lives lost yesterday.

People can also support the families of the victims by donating to the Victims Fund HERE.

VTA has suspended light rail traffic until further notice as one of the stations is closed, investigations are ongoing and workers are grappling with the tragedy of the incident. In its place, bus lines will run through the route of the light rail.

The VTA does not want to force anyone to work until they have enough time to grieve.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department reported that the shooter from the mass shooting in San Jose on Wednesday had two semi-automatic pistols and 11 magazines full of ammunition in the Bay Area, according to ABC7.

Ten people were killed in the mass shootings at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) in San Jose, including the shooter. Late Wednesday, Alex Fritch was identified as the ninth victim after dying in the hospital.

The shooter has been identified as Samuel James Cassidy.

In a VTA press release, they confirmed that the alleged shooter was a VTA employee. He was found dead near the Guadalupe Yard where the attack took place. The facility is a transit control center that stores trains and has a maintenance yard.

Sheriff Laurie Smith also told ABC7 that the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department held mass rifle training at the VTA Center last year.

Samuel Cassidy’s ex-wife says more than a decade ago he often got angry about his job and talked about killing people at work.

A press conference is planned at the VTA center at 10 a.m. to provide the latest information.


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