News Wrap: The San Jose shooter targeted certain employees who had confessed to hating the workplace

Judy Woodruff:

The president said he was speaking to Capito but suggested not to wait much longer before trying to get his plan off the ground with the Democrats alone.

An important sticking point is how you pay for it. Republicans oppose increasing corporate taxes. They want to tap unused pandemic aid, which the Democrats are speaking out against.

In San Jose, California, the sheriff says a gunman yesterday targeted certain victims at a train station where he worked. He shot nine people and then himself. Investigators went to the train station and the man’s house to find more evidence today. It is said that he fired 39 cartridges with semi-automatic handguns. It is also reported that he was arrested by customs officers in 2016 and spoke of hating his job.

China today responded to President Biden’s request that U.S. intelligence agencies find out the origins of COVID-19. This includes whether it escaped from a Chinese research laboratory. Beijing accused the US of having no interest in facts or truth.

Meanwhile, Facebook announced that it would no longer remove claims that COVID was man-made.

We will come back to this story after the news recap.

The UN Human Rights Council has decided to investigate Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians after the war between Israel and Hamas. The UN human rights chief said today that Israeli air strikes on Gaza may have been war crimes.

The Israeli ambassador insisted that Hamas was to blame. You mentioned a virtual session.

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