Open Name: Functions for 2020 Basic Design Construct Initiative, San Jose, Costa Rica

Open Call: Applications for 2020 Fundamental Design Build Initiative, San Jose, Costa Rica




The Fundamental Design Build Initiative invites 10 architects, designers and engineers from all over the world to a three-month summer residence in San Jose, Costa Rica. During the duration of the program, participants will be introduced to all aspects of a built design work including: site analysis, brainstorming, fundraising, project management, sourcing of materials, prefabrication, on-site construction, public relations and preparation of promotional materials. The participants are selected as part of a selection process and are invited to participate free of charge in addition to the travel and daily rate costs. Accommodation is in the downtown cultural center of San Jose, Costa Rica.


The participants usually represent different backgrounds and are selected on the basis of their interest, their motivation and their previous experience. If selected, you will receive accommodation and work space in a shared studio. Design proposals are presented in an informal review environment with external guest reviewers and formal presentations to local stakeholders throughout the duration. Local experts from various disciplines – including architecture, design, sustainability, marketing and branding – will enrich the entire program. During your stay in San Jose, you’ll have the opportunity to work intensively with fellow students and local professional designers and experts, share your home culture, and question your own assumptions about design and the communities it serves. Due to the international orientation, the participants will continue to flourish and grow as a global network in the years to come.

Eligibility to participate

The application is open to current or recently completed Bachelor or Master students in architecture, design or structural or environmental engineering programs worldwide. Space is very limited and choices are made taking into account international diversity in line with previous basic groups. Participants must remain in San Jose for the entire three months, following an intensive work schedule.

Requirements for the submission

1. Statement of interests and intent (150 words) so that the jury and board members understand your desire to participate. When you submit your email application, it may be in the body of the email.

2. CV and / or résumé in PDF format.

3. Portfolio. Submit a selected portfolio of your work in PDF format.

Send to: [email protected]

Subject line: Basic application 2020

Application period: February 1st – April 25th, 2020

Program dates: May 25 – August 23, 2020

Send all questions in writing via email.

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    Open Call: Applications for 2020 Fundamental Design Build Initiative, San Jose, Costa Rica

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    April 25, 2020, 1:30 p.m.

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