San Jose Cafe “Holy Cannoli!” will likely be lengthy awaited opening amid the COVID-19 pandemic

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) – A grand opening is always something to celebrate.

In a pandemic, it’s even cuter for Holy Cannoli in San Jose and owner Jamie Whitmire.

“The opening day was great,” said Jamie Whitmire, owner of Holy Cannoli. “We should open in March. Here we are quickly in the pandemic in January and I have put everything I have into this cafe and this shop and we are not going to give up.”

Big opening day here in Holy Cannoli! in downtown San Jose! This bakery finally has its own space on Santa Clara Street and has been busy. They started with custom cannolis and grew into pastries, breakfasts, and more! Story tonight on @ abc7newsbayarea at 4pm.

– Dustin Dorsey (@ DustinABC7) January 11, 2021

Last week, we introduced you to Holy Cannoli Bakery in downtown San Jose as they prepared to open their brand new store amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today that day has come.

The store rolled out the red carpet to safely welcome customers for breakfast, lunch, and sweet treats such as handcrafted Italian-style cannoli that are unique to each guest.

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“It’s very hard to find originals here in the Bay Area and California in general. These are mostly east coast desserts,” said client Denise Verzosa. “When I found out there was one closer to my house, we were up early and out here.”

Whitmire started out as a head chef, eventually started a catering company and food truck, and worked here to own business, a real success story.

But it is not the only thing that is written here every day.

The business specializes in hiring people who are in recovery or just out of a work program to rebuild their lives.

Detail! Owner Jamie Whitmire was raised to know how to make traditional cannoli the Italian way. You choose your filling and toppings. Let me tell you they are delicious! (You knew I had to try!)

– Dustin Dorsey (@ DustinABC7) January 11, 2021

“My goal is to help them succeed and take the knowledge they are learning here with me and my crew to the next level and get the job they really, really dream of,” said Whitmire .

Building a Better Bay Area, one cannoli at a time.

“I would love it if everyone who comes here just sees the love I’ve put into what I’ve built and created,” said Whitmire. “Holy Cannoli Café is for people who come in and get their favorite goodies, coffee and a nice pannini. We’d love for you to come in, bring your smile and we’ll give you one back in a moment.”

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And in case you were wondering, the cannoli are delicious and you need to come down and try them for yourself.

For more information on Holy Cannoli, visit the website here.

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