San Jose CityTeam had to close due to COVID-19 and cancel Christmas dinner

San Jose CityTeam seeks help as the pandemic is stopping Christmas dinners

André Senior reports.

The San Jose CityTeam has been serving hot meals to the homeless on Christmas Day for 60 years.

But unfortunately this holiday tradition will not take place this year.

CityTeam chef Reynolds Stewart said this is because someone on the recovery program on Charles Street tested positive for coronavirus, forcing the program’s kitchen to shut down and meals to be distributed outside for the next 10 days.

This means that the CityTeam staff will not be able to cook and distribute the 500 meals that are normally distributed at Christmas to the homeless in the neighborhood.

“That was an extra blow to us,” said Stewart, the food services manager at CityTeam, a devout, nonprofit with programs in San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland.

CityTeam Christmas in San Jose 2019

It also means there will be no more free haircuts and feet washes from caring volunteers or the handing out of warm coats, socks and shoes on Christmas Day.

But CityTeam’s people were able to put together a possible solution – only if they could find enough money to make it happen.

CityTeam spokeswoman Darlene Tenes said her agency called Moveable, which contracts with food truck companies.

Moveable’s Ryan Sebastian said cooking for hundreds was “no problem” and food truck owners would love to cook and deliver meals to the homeless. The only caveat? It’s going to be $ 12 a meal, and now they’re fundraising to help make that happen by Friday.

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