San Jose hospital reaches full capability, together with intensive care beds, as coronavirus instances improve

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) – Despite desperate warnings from health officials and requests from doctors and nurses to follow coronavirus safety guidelines, a South Bay hospital including its intensive care unit is full.

“We are at full capacity,” said Sarah Sherwood, spokeswoman for the San Jose Regional Medical Center.

“We don’t have any free beds in the hospital,” she said.

It is the first time the hospital has reached capacity during the pandemic.

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That’s more than 200 beds, in which 40 percent of the capacity in the intensive care unit is filled with COVID-19 patients.

While the gritty milestone comes as no surprise, Sherwood says this should be the final warning to people not to congregate for the holidays.

“We can’t visit other families and we can’t have large gatherings. That means this increase is directly related to Thanksgiving,” Sherwood said.

On Tuesday afternoon, UCSF nurses held a virtual rally to express their concerns about overstrained resources and unsafe staff in the hospital.

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“The numbers are increasing day by day, the ED is more and more inundated with patients,” said UCSF nurse Rebecca Arnold. “It’s frustrating and terrifying because we’ve been talking about it for months.”

According to Sherwood, the Regional Medical Center is often the first in the Bay Area to reach capacity due to its special emergency room.

So far, every patient is getting the care they need, but they are preparing for the situation to get worse.

“We’re talking about pitching tents and transferring patients. We haven’t had to do that, and that’s because we’re treating patients faster,” Sherwood said.

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There are 15 hospitals in Santa Clara County, each one closer to the situation of the San Jose Regional Medical Center. At her last briefing, Dr. Sara Cody that there are only 31 ICU beds left in the entire county.

At UCSF, where the numbers are slightly better, nurses are just as concerned.

“I worked on my unit for 16 years, I started there as a recent graduate, I love the hospital I work for, I love the people I work with, this is the worst I’ve ever seen since I ‘I was in that unit, “said Arnold.

“The mood on the ground is just focused, we know how to do it. We do what we have to do and we don’t think about how we are feeling right now. We’re just working very hard to fight that.” Virus, “said Sherwood.

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