San Jose Officials Call For Stricter Fines For Illegal Dumping – NBC Bay Area

Two San Jose officials are joining forces to call for stricter crackdown on illegal dumping across the city.

San Jose City Councilor Sergio Jimenez and Planning Commissioner Rolando Bonilla have proposed increasing and restructuring the city’s fines for illegal dumping, which would put a $ 10,000 citation on all offenses.

Current city law uses a tiered system of fines, starting with $ 2,500 for a first offense and $ 10,000 for a third offense. The new proposal eliminates the levels.

Jimenez and Bonilla recently took part in walking tours in East San Jose and other parts of the city and concluded that there are critical quality of life issues such as illegal dumping that should be a higher priority for the city of San Jose.

“Even though we are in a pandemic, we will not allow anyone to turn our communities into landfills,” Bonilla said in a statement. “I understand that the city of San Jose needs to take a no-nonsense approach to those who try to disrespect our communities with this behavior. The residents of San Jose deserve better.”

Jimenez added, “When it comes to illegal dumping, there shouldn’t be a three-strike approach as it sends the wrong message to those trying to harm our communities.”

Jimenez will introduce the legislation at the Council Rules Committee meeting on April 28th.

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