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7 Ways to Get Your Site Indexed Quickly

Sometimes it takes weeks to months for your site to appear in the search results so patience is required. However, if you properly optimize your site before going live, you will find that all your work will pay off once you go live and start getting search engine traffic. Before you begin, it’s important to get your site indexed, or listed, in the search engines.

Below are 7 ways to get your site indexed quickly.

1. Social Bookmarking sites

The best way to get your new website indexed quickly is to submit your new site to social bookmarking sites. These sites are already crawled by the search engines and are often used by the search engines to find new sites. The idea is to get your new site indexed quickly and get some quality links pointing back to it so that the search engines will find your site and index it.

2. Article sites

Another way to get indexed by the search engines is to write a quality article and submit it to the top article directories on the internet. The key is to write a high-quality article that is informative and interesting so that webmasters will want to publish the article on their sites. This leads us to…

3. Web Directories

Website directories are basically like the yellow pages of online business. Your business will be found by numerous customers through the directories, and you’ll receive a lot of quality links and traffic from it. The key is to get your site listed in the appropriate category…

4. The next way to get indexed by the search engines quickly is to submit your new site to the various free and paid directories.

Consider using Yahoo’s Directory of Companies and Stuff to promote your business. Most directories charge for the service, but it is definitely worth it since your website may end up getting picked up in the search engines and ranked quite well.

5. Get indexed through RSS feeds

RSS is a technology that is being used by bloggers and webmasters to allow them to syndicate their content and keep the link intact. This is a great method to get indexed quickly and to get some good links pointing back to your site. Some directories use RSSsponsored links.

6. Use social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites are actually a great idea for optimizing your new website. Now, this is very common with comment-enabled websites but there are also others. If you are able to bookmark your site on a few popular bookmarking sites, not only will you get direct traffic from the bookmarking sites themselves, but it’s also possible to get a link.

7. Your theme and keywords determine how well your site will be indexed

If you have some knowledge of the theme of your website you can customize the meta-tags and theme-keywords to fit in with the search engines; the same applies to the keywords. This will cause your site to show up when searched with the appropriate search terms.

That’s all I have for the 7 sure-fire ways to get your site indexed quickly and to improve your search engine rankings. If you are looking for more SEO tips then be sure to check out:

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