San Jose Shooter was disciplined on the day of the attack for racist remarks: report


Amy Cooper is suing the employer who fired her for racism

Amy Cooper – the Central Park “Karen” who called the police for a black bird watcher named Christian Cooper and falsely accused him of threatening her – apparently has learned nothing over the past year. Cooper, a white woman, is now suing her former employer for firing her over the racist incident, arguing that she is a victim of racial discrimination. Really. Ms. Cooper filed the lawsuit in federal court Tuesday against financial services firm Franklin Templeton, the company’s CEO Jenny Johnson, and unnamed employees. The lawsuit alleges that she was improperly (duly) dismissed and Franklin Templeton failed to adequately investigate allegations that her call to the police was racially motivated, which she has repeatedly denied. “The defendants’ announcements that they had conducted an investigation and that the investigation indisputably revealed that the plaintiff was a racist when the defendants knew they had not conducted an investigation that indisputably revealed that the plaintiff was a racist extreme and outrageous, ”claims the lawsuit. However, a video of the May 2020 incident shows a different picture. The video shows Christian Cooper asking Amy Cooper (the two are not related) to put her dog on a leash according to park rules. Ms. Cooper refused and threatened to call the police. “I’m going to tell you that an African American is threatening my life,” she said. Following the incident, Mr. Cooper declined to participate in the investigation into the incident, instead writing in a comment for the Washington Post that it was important to focus on the systemic racism that led to the encounter. In the end, Ms. Cooper was acquitted of offense charges and instead participated in a restorative justice program “designed to not only punish but also educate and promote healing in the community,” said Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi. However, it appears that Ms. Cooper did not learn anything about accountability and damage repair from the program. Ms. Cooper’s complaint against her former employer alleges that the company did not adequately investigate the incident. If that had been the case, the investigation would have shown that she did not yell at Christian Cooper “because she was a racist” but because “she was alone in the park and scared to death,” according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit also alleges that Franklin Templeton’s statements describing Ms. Cooper’s actions as racist were defamatory. As such, Cooper looks for lost wages as well as emotional and criminal harm. However, civil rights experts say the case has no grounds and called it inappropriate, adding that Ms. Cooper’s lawsuit does nothing to link her former employer’s actions to racial discrimination. “I think it is frankly inappropriate to use such claims to hijack civil rights law,” Damon T. Hewitt, executive director of the Legal Advisory Committee on Civil Rights Under Law, told the New York Times. “I’m not going to say that a white person can never be discriminated against. I wouldn’t say that. But in this case there just doesn’t seem to be any entitlement. ”Do you like what you see? How about a little more R29 grade, right here? Amy Cooper’s case dismissedAmy Cooper made a second phone call to the police that dayAbolitionists do not support Amy Cooper’s indictment

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