San Jose VTA Yard Shooting Victims Honored on Memorial Day – NBC Bay Area

Monday services in South Bay had a dual purpose.

More than 100 people came together to honor our fallen veterans, but also to honor nine Valley Transportation Authority employees who lost their lives trying to serve the public.

Many people left red, white and blue flowers at a memorial for the victims of the VTA shipyard in San Jose City Hall on Monday.

Resident of San Jose, Belinda Ahmed, and her husband, Lawan Ahmed, were some of the visitors who delivered flowers. The couple said they felt a need to come and pay their respects on Memorial Day.

“In order for me to see something like this on a day like this, we have to stick with those we left behind because they will always be a part of us,” said Lawan Ahmeda.

More than 100 people gathered at Oak Hill Memorial Park in San Jose to remember the soldiers who died for the country.

State Sen. Dave Cortese also took a moment to honor the VTA employees who were gunned down by their colleague.

“They too made a choice to serve their country and the county by choosing a career in civil service,” said Cortese. “Careers our fallen soldiers fought for.”

One of the victims of the VTA shooting, Timothy Romo, was himself an Air Force veteran.

A VTA spokesman said Monday that they were working with families to plan a memorial for the victims. It is not yet known whether it will be private or public.

Meanwhile, light rail traffic continues to be suspended to mourn 379 employees who work at the facility.

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