San Joses Tech Interactive provides new methods to unfold missions through the COVID-19 pandemic

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) – We’re introducing museums across the Bay Area this week, businesses that have largely closed during the entire coronavirus pandemic. While guests haven’t returned to Tech Interactive in San Jose, the innovation never stops.

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Since 1998, Tech Interactive in downtown San Jose has been a place where kids and adults can innovate in the heart of Silicon Valley.

But no solution to the problem could have prepared the museum for 2020.

“It’s the first time we’ve been closed like this,” said Katrina Stevens, President and CEO of Tech Interactive. “Like everyone else, we had no news that we had to close our doors and everyone go home. We thought maybe it would take a few weeks?”

These once-busy exhibits closed overnight and have been like that since March.

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Tech President and CEO Katrina Stevens knew they had to find a way to keep going.

“At the heart of tech’s mission is to develop innovators and problem-solving skills,” said Stevens. “When the pandemic broke out and we had to close our doors, we realized that all employees need to use these skills.”

The Tech developed a brand new website with interactive challenges and even virtual excursions with trained instructors to bring the greatness of tech to thousands of households instead of on-site.

While most of the work went online, tech also focused on the interactive activities that continued to create for employees.

“It was interesting because we can actually do more with Interactive because of the closure,” said design and production designer John Vieira. “It was wonderful to see the dedication to keeping the building going. That includes maintenance and new exhibits like the Solve for Earth exhibit at Tech Interactive.”

The 5,000-square-foot exhibit is one of the largest exhibits tech has ever created.

We can’t share too many secrets, but the exhibition will feature touch screens, three-dimensional projections and a massive interactive video wall that will educate guests about the environment and sustainability.

“It really makes people think about it and ask questions, ‘Well, if I make that choice, what is the future for my planet, my family and the community itself,” said Vieira.

What is the future of Tech Interactive?

We will see.

But until the doors are reopened, their community workers remain committed to building a better tomorrow.

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“I’m so excited, as is the rest of the staff, for this day that we can have our community, families and children come back and see this spark ignite as they interact with all of the exhibits and we have a new exhibit, Solve for Earth that no one has seen before, “said Stevens.

The Solve for Earth exhibition will open in 2021.

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