# StopAsianHate Community Rally in San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – People have gathered and held rallies in South Bay to show their support for the Asian community.

“We belong here. I take pride in being asian. “

A demonstration of support filled Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park on Sunday and joined a mission to stop discrimination and violence against the Asian community.

“That shouldn’t happen to our congregation, you know we have to stand together because when we’re together we are unstoppable.”

For Steffi Lau from Cupertino, every attack is personal.

“My cousin, a relative in Palo Alto, picked up food in June, put their baby in their car, and then someone threw a glass bottle at them and was like home,” said Lau.

In Santa Clara, elected officials and local pastors held a prayer rally entitled “United We Stand”.

Call for Unity for All Races in the United States.

“The things we believe in are hope, care and kindness for our communities and when we face a lot of confrontations and struggles, whether with the virus or the virus of hate, we can unite our communities if we work together” said Lily Mei.

Whether it comes together in church or in the park, it is an encouraging sign for many.

“It’s stimulating to see other people fight and believe in the same thing and just try to be more conscious,” Lau said.

All groups recognize that there is so much to do.

Participants in the rally say it is time for more solidarity, better education and tougher laws and enforcement measures.

“The old normal is violence against our grandmas and grandpas,” said Assistant Attorney General Eric Chang. “The old normal means that black lives don’t matter, the old normal is silence, it’s deportations. It is time to move away from that past and move on to something new. “

The call to action does not go unnoticed.

The United States Senate has passed law denouncing discrimination against Asian communities in the United States, something that interest groups would have liked to see earlier.

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