The California household requires assist after a meals truck stolen in brazen theft is caught surveillance in San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) – A San Jose couple has asked the community to help them find their stolen food truck.

The destroyed family says this truck was their only source of income and their American dream.

“Where’s my Adelita?” Juanita Ayala asked. “When I saw the guy taking it, I could just imagine my truck saying, ‘I need help, I need help!'”

In 2015, Juanita and Francisco Ayala realized their American dream and a week ago two thieves drove off with it.

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“I need my food truck for work. To work for my children, I want to send my children to college, to university. Right now, I can’t pay my rent, I couldn’t pay,” said Juanita Ayala.

They operated from the parking lot of a Chevron gas station at the intersection of Berryessa Road and the North Capitol in East San Jose.

That left the “x” marks for social distancing and that piece of wood to hold the tires in place. Francisco Ayala asked us to imagine what it used to be: “Tacos and burritos came out of this window.”

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Inside the gas station, workers and customers were confused about why the two men were towing the truck.

“You just came and it was brave. You stole the truck around 9:30 pm,” said gas station owner Soroush H.

The surveillance video was made available to the San Jose police, who say it is difficult to identify the suspects but the white truck is their lead.


17.09. From Berryessa Road / Capitol Avenue. The white Chevrolet truck of a suspicious vehicle took a family’s revenue stream in San Jose.
If you’ve seen the distinctive trailer number 4PT3825, please call 408-277-8911. Case No. 20-257-0921

– San Jose Police Dept (@SanJosePD) September 22, 2020

“But this vehicle I was looking at has special characteristics. Hopefully someone who shares it will recognize this family and help this family get their trailer back,” said Sargent Christian Amarillo of the San Jose Police Department.

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As for the Ayala family’s American dream, it is not going to end. Juanita’s son opened a GoFundMe account that raised thousands of dollars to help the family

“My dream is bigger. Right now it’s bigger. It’s a bigger dream. See how the people who took my food truck thought they broke that dream, but no. On the contrary, I’m stronger now” said Ayala.

The Ayala family has one final message for the men in the video: “Please bring the food truck with you. Los perdonamos”. In Spanish she said, “We’ll forgive you, but we’ll bring you back.”

To donate to the GoFundMe account, click here.

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