The San Jose grocery store closed once more due to rodents and cockroaches

The San Jose supermarket in Maite closed on Wednesday for the second time this year after a public health inspection found signs of rodents and cockroaches.

The store closed earlier this year due to similar issues.

Department of Public Health and Social Services inspectors conducted a regular inspection of the San Jose food warehouse and processing facility on Wednesday after receiving a complaint about cockroaches and rat droppings at the facility, according to an inspection report.

The food warehouse received 24 defects with status “C”, inspection results.

Public health officials have stated that a “C” rating does not mean the closure, but some violations such as rodent and roach infestations, which are directly harmful to health, automatically override a company’s sanitary permit.

According to the food depot inspection report, the inspectors found evidence of rodent infestation, such as: B. Multiple rodent droppings throughout the facility, some gnawing on ceiling insulation and foam, and a rat hole on the second floor. Dead cockroaches and egg shells were found on boxes of food and on the floor throughout the facility, the report said.

The last pest control measures were taken in June when a contract with a local company ended, the report said.

The inspection report for the processing plant shows that it received 38 defects for a “C” rating.

In the processing plant, the inspectors found a dead cockroach in the hallway between the two processing areas, according to the inspection report.

Other violations included cracks in the floor, overflowing sewage and food storage on the floor, the inspection reports said.

Previous case

The San Jose Supermarket was reopened after a litany of health violations was corrected that resulted in a “D” rating and its closure in late March. The violations were discovered after Public Health received a complaint about rat droppings in the Maite grocery store.

The store earned an “A” rating on April 27 after correcting its violations.


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