The San Jose subdivision is closing the gates and blocking residents

Around 200 families were denied access to the main street in Barangay San Jose, Cebu City, after a subdivision in Barangay closed its gates, banning residents living in the rear of the subdivision from entering the area.

San Jose Barangay captain Joventino Ardaba said they are asking the developers and homeowners association in the subdivision to give them six more months to use the road within the subdivision while they are still building the detour road.

On Friday, February 12, 2021, the fourth day since the subdivision’s gates closed, affected residents protested outside the subdivision.

Court decision

Homeowners in the subdivision have reportedly closed their doors after a court ruling allowed it.

Ardaba said workers who own vehicles have also been affected by the closure of the subdivision’s gates. They can no longer use their vehicles to go to work.

He said there are vehicles within the subdivision too – roughly 10 four-wheeled vehicles and 50 motorcycles.

Ardaba said he was concerned about the motorcycle owners who work in the grocery delivery service.

To meet

The village chief called for another meeting with the developers and homeowners association to resolve the issue.

Jerome Dimayuga, a property owner, said residents followed the conditions set by the homeowners association in the subdivision to allow them to enter.

Dimayuga said that the people passing through the area will have to pay tolls and buy stickers.

Cebu City Vice Mayor Michael Rama has visited the area twice, but the Homeowners Association did not see him.

On a live Facebook broadcast, the city’s disaster risk reduction and management officer, Ramil Ayuman, said the matter had reached the city.

Ayuman said city administrator Floro Casas Jr. said the city will help residents and the barangay find a win-win solution. (JJL)

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