The tower in downtown San Jose would create reasonably priced senior housing – Silicon Valley

SAN JOSE – A sleek residential tower is in the works for downtown San Jose, creating a unique mix of affordable senior housing, retail and office space, and preserving a historic building on the site.

The 25-story high-rise apartment building is proposed for 19 N. Second St. in downtown San Jose and has a rooftop rotunda to serve as the center of a meeting area for residents.

The project proposal would also preserve the facade of the historic building and include the new tower, according to the documents of the project developer Roygbiv Real Estate Development and the project designer Anderson Architects.

“We are planning to tear down everything except for the facade and use a similar facade treatment in the new building,” the developer explained in the planning documents.

“We are playing out the existing historic building and the nearby tower of the Bank of Italy,” said Kurt Anderson, General Manager at Anderson Architects. “It’s a historic building, a historic district, and it will be eye-catching.”

The housing would consist of 210 units of affordable senior housing.

The lower levels of the development would create retail on the ground floor of the historic building and the three floors of offices.

Then floors five to 25 would be residential buildings according to the development plans presented to the city planners on Wednesday.

“You will have a mix of new and old and that will make the project very interesting,” said Anderson.

In addition to the rotunda, the roof will be a meeting point for the residents.

“The entire roof terrace will be accessible to all tenants,” said Anderson. “There will be outdoor seating, a nice covered area. We finally plan to light the roof. “

A few blocks away, on the western edge of downtown, a Carlysle Tower developer has proposed a high-rise with a restaurant or retail store on the ground floor, offices on the next floors, and residential buildings on the upper floors – another unique vision for San Jose.

This is an unusual approach, in Anderson’s view, that is required in downtown San Jose.

“As our city begins to mature, we need to look more into vertical integration,” said Anderson. “You need a retail store on the first floor, an office on the other floors, and then an apartment building above.”

As the downtown area becomes more and more filled with projects, finding ways to take advantage of smaller parcels is crucial.

“We don’t have much land left,” said Anderson. “We have to go vertical.”

  • Street view (L) and front perspective (R) of a mixed-use tower on 19 N. 2nd St. in downtown San Jose that creates an affordable concept for senior housing, retail and office. Anderson Architects

  • Rotunda feature and roof of a mixed-use tower on 19 N. 2nd St. in downtown San Jose that creates an affordable concept for senior housing, retail and office.

  • Balcony areas of a mixed-use tower on 19 N. 2nd St. in downtown San Jose creating an affordable concept for senior housing, retail and office.

A project that combines residential, office and retail into a single development is a unique approach to mixed use development in San Jose.

“To have a thriving downtown area, you need retail stores, offices, people who live and get downtown. You need all of these,” Anderson said.

Around the corner, at 17 E. Santa Clara St., the project developer Roygbiv has proposed a separate project: the development of a 26-storey residential tower with a very modern and elegant look.

“These kinds of projects make downtown interesting,” said Anderson. “They have different types of architecture in the same area.”

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