There are plans for towers in downtown San Jose near BART

SAN JOSE – New plans have emerged for two towers to become landmarks in downtown San Jose, offering a range of rooftop and outdoor amenities designed for the health conscious COVID era.

One of the skyscrapers would be a 20-story office tower sprouting on the corner of East Santa Clara Street and North Fourth Street, while the other would be an adjoining 26-story residential tower on the corner of East St. John Street and North Fourth Street.

Icon 20-story office tower (left) and Echo 26-story residential tower (right) on North Fourth Street between East Santa Clara Street and East St. John Street, facing west. // WRNS Studio, Studio Current

The towers would add modern offices and hundreds of homes to downtown San Jose and help create activities with thousands of people alongside a future BART station, executives at developer Urban Catalyst said.

The developers have announced the number of floors in each building and released new concepts for the two towers, showing that the development will provide extensive outdoor facilities for residents and office workers.

“We will have large roof terraces on both towers,” said Erik Hayden, founder and managing partner of Urban Catalyst. “This is going to be a very exciting project that will create new activity in the city center.”

The location where the new towers would be built is on a street corner that could see dramatic improvements and changes, said Mark Ritchie, a commercial real estate agent who arranged the sale of a property on the corner of North Fourth Street and East Santa Clara Street , in which the office tower is planned.

“Dominated by the City Hall and the highly visible, recently completed Miro Towers, we can consider this next to BART to be the densest neighborhood on the east side of downtown San Jose,” said Mark Ritchie, President of Ritchie Commercial.

The residential tower called Echo would hold about 300 houses; The office tower, dubbed the Icon, would have a total area of ​​around 400,000 square feet, according to the revised preliminary plans that Urban Catalyst submitted to representatives of the City of San Jose.

“This is about increasing the density of key corners in downtown San Jose,” said Joshua Burroughs, chief operating officer and partner of Urban Catalyst. “This will really help activate this area.”

Icon 20-story office tower (middle foreground) and Echo 26-story residential tower (middle background) on North Fourth Street between East Santa Clara Street and East St. John Street, looking northwest, concept. The Miro residential and retail tower is visible on the right. // WRNS Studio, Studio Current

The project could be next to one of the entrances or exits of the future BART stop.

“The redevelopment of this area will improve the driveability and liveliness of the future BART station,” said Bob Staedler, chief executive of Silicon Valley Synergy, a land use consultancy.

The plans show a roof terrace for the residential tower with views to the north, west and east. The office tower will have a roof terrace and open spaces on the side of the building that will be two stories high.

“Echo will have a good view of St. James Park,” said Burroughs. “Icon will have many outdoor areas.”

Echo 26-story residential tower (foreground) and Icon 20-story office tower (background) on North Fourth Street between East Santa Clara Street and East St. John Street, looking southwest. The tower of the Bank of Italy is visible on the right. // WRNS Studio, Studio Current

A new office and residential project, a new Miro residential tower and the existing San Jose City Hall complex will be built on the corner of Fourth and Santa Clara Streets.

“There will be a couple of thousand people and a tremendous density around that corner,” said Burroughs. “These will be really good, very active corners near BART.”

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