These San Jose cats are up for adoption and want a superb

Do you want to adopt a pet – or just check out a few furry cats around you? Dozens of adorable cats are available for adoption in animal shelters in and around San Jose.

Shelters and animal rescue groups work hard to care for abandoned pets and bond them to loving homes. Hoodline used data from Petfinder to support this round-up of cats currently available for adoption.

(Details such as pet availability, training, vaccinations, and other features are based on data from Petfinder and are subject to change. Contact the shelter for the latest information.)

Iris, Maine Coon Mix

Iris is a female Maine Coon mix currently living at The Dancing Cat.

Iris’ ideal forever home would be a dog-free environment. Iris is neutered. Iris is a pet with special needs. Please inquire about their specific care requirements.

Iris’s current caretakers say:

Iris is a beautiful girl with an even more beautiful heart. Their long fur attracts attention and their green eyes are fascinating. Aside from being a lunatic, she is cute and interested in people. If you are looking for a gentle companion who will stay close to you after you have settled in, this is the cat for you. Iris struggles a little with change and takes a lot of time to get used to a new room. Iris would thrive in a quiet home and she might be happiest as your only pet. Iris does not use a litter box, this is behavior that, despite great efforts, has not been addressed. In the distant past she used a litter box but won’t use one anymore. She will need a home that can accommodate this behavior.

Read more about how you can introduce Iris on Petfinder.

Taika, short hair mix

Taika is an adorable short hair mix for women that is groomed at The Dancing Cat.

Taika wants to be your only one: she will need a home that is free from other cats. She’s already neutered.

Here’s what Taika’s friends at The Dancing Cat think of her:

Don’t let age fool you, Taika is as bubbly as a cat half its age! Curious about her surroundings and brave in her determination, this tabby girl is confident. It takes her a day or two to find her way around a new home, but once she’s ready to cuddle. She enjoys making cookies by kneading blankets, and she curls up under your chin or on your shoulder, slapping your face with hers when she wants extra attention. Taika is a little talkative, purring loudly and snoring even louder. Blow up a magic wand toy and this hunter will show you how to catch a fuzzy mouse or two. If you want to be the safe and loving home that a spirited senior deserves, consider improving your own quality of life by letting taika in.

Apply to Petfinder today to adopt Taika.

Nara, domestic mix

Nara is a female house mix currently housed at The Dancing Cat.

Nara gets along well with your other cats, dogs, and children. Nara has already been neutered.

From Nara’s current caretaker:

The beautiful Nara is practically perfect in every way! When this spunky girl was rescued she had a bad cold but now she has recovered and is ready to go. Even when she felt sick, Nara was sweet and tolerant. This well-rounded kitten gets along well with everyone – including other cats, dogs and children. It thrived in a high-energy foster home, and there just isn’t much this cat can’t handle. She loves to play and cuddle in equal parts and is ready for her forever home today.

Apply to Petfinder today to adopt Nara.

Puck, short hair mix

Puck is a cute male short hair mix who currently lives at The Dancing Cat.

He has already been neutered.

Pucks current caretakers say:

Puck is here and he’s ready to party! If you are looking for a confident man to come into your house and own the place, Puck is your man. Puck works well with a family with children who love cats and know how to handle them. When he got to his nursing home, he didn’t take time to feel at home. He likes to play, cuddle and chat very much. He has a lot to tell you and if you are ready to listen you should apply to meet this great guy today.

Read more about Puck on Petfinder.

Zeus, Maine Coon and native longhair mix

Zeus is a male Maine Coon and native longhair mix groomed at The Dancing Cat.

Zeus loves other cats. He’s already neutered.

Notes from Zeus’ caretakers:

Zeus aspires to be as bold and powerful as his name, but for now he is content to just be worshiped. Zeus takes some time to adjust to new environments, but once acclimatized he is an affectionate and curious guy. He loves looking out of the window and wants a bright and sunny home with many views. Lovingly and gently, Zeus would like to experience a lot of love and give even more.

Read more about Zeus on Petfinder.

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