Trader Vic’s (with Mai Tai cocktails) opens at Mineta San Jose Airport – East Bay Times Time

If you are a little nervous about the pandemic travel restrictions easing for the first time, we have news to calm your nerves:

The Original Mai Tai Cocktail comes to SJC.

Three years after Mineta San Jose and HMS Host announced that they would be bringing Trader Vic’s to the international airport, the Polynesian dining and cocktail plan is finally coming to life.

The Emeryville-based restaurant, legendary inventor of Mai Tai, was supposed to feed and refuel airmen before Memorial Day. Terminal B will have a full-service restaurant and a smaller Trader Vic outpost for take-away customers.

Look for a Ham and Egg Hawaiian Press and Island Coconut Parfait for breakfast, and Vic’s Tuna Poke, Macadamia Chicken Salad, Honolulu Grilled Cheese with Pineapple Chile Compote, Maharaja Mansour with Fried Vegetables and Curry Mayonnaise and Baked for lunch and dinner Crab and artichoke dip

Unsurprisingly, the seating restaurant’s cocktail menu is longer than the menu. The original Mai Tai and multiple fruity iterations include Zombie, Scorpion, Koana Puffer, Pot Parrot, Navy Grog, London Sour, three spiked “coffee grogs” and more.

It was the founder of the bar / restaurant, “Trader Vic” Bergeron, who created the now iconic drink. The bar’s website states, “That day in Oakland, The Trader pulled down a bottle of 17-year-old Jamaican rum and added a pinch of lime, a dash of rock sugar syrup, a dash of orange curacao, some French orgeat and a little poured in the brew over cracked ice.

“He gave it to a friend from Tahiti who immediately shouted, ‘It’s Mai Tai Roa Ae!’ (Tahitian for “Out of This World – The Best”), and the first Mai Tai was born. “

At the airport locations, Trader Vic’s will also serve non-alcoholic fruit mixes and coffee from the local roaster Chromatic Coffee.

HMS Host, the airport’s franchise partner, is hosting rental shows, including one on Tuesday, May 25, from 11am to 3pm at 2521 Seaboard Ave., San Jose on Tuesday, May 25th.


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