Uproar is making the comeback of downtown San Jose with food, beer, and games – Silicon Valley

SAN JOSE – Uproar is making a comeback in downtown San Jose under a new group of owners through a deal that points to ever brighter and livelier prospects for the city’s SoFA neighborhood.

Arcade games, beer and food are tapped at the new Uproar, according to one of the partners.

Ownership, which includes the founder of Uproar, is taking over the same area that Uproar operated in for several years until problems related to the coronavirus forced it to close in 2020.

David Ramsay, who has a background in gaming and dining, works with Steve Vandewater, who started the original uproar.

“This is exciting,” said Ramsay. “This will be a brewery, a restaurant and an arcade.”

Food and beer were staples of the original riot. Arcade games are a new component, according to Ramsay.

The new riot is across from a new player-centric lounge and entertainment center called the Guildhouse. Ramsay believes the Riots and Guildhouse will complement each other even if they are across the street.

That’s because Guildhouse appeals to players who tend to play in groups, while Uproar would likely appeal to people who play solitary arcade games.

Similarly, in downtown Campbell, in the same building, Ramsay runs the arcade-centric LVL Up on the first floor, while Wick runs the player-centric AFKxp Tech & Game Center upstairs.

In the South First Area in downtown San Jose or the SoFA district, Uproar occupies approximately 10,000 square feet while Guildhouse is 18,000 square feet.

According to Ramsay, the riot is set to open sometime in July.

“There is some renovation and other construction going on,” said Ramsay. “Most of the time it goes well.”

The Riots’ lease and other downtown leases bode well for the future, said Richard Berg, a real estate investor who owns a number of properties in downtown San Jose.

“I’m very optimistic about downtown San Jose with all of the new activities,” said Berg. “There are so many new things.”

Among the recent signs of increased activity in the city center:

– Doordash has rented 7,000 square feet across the street at 431 S. First St. for a DashMart, a new type of convenience store that sells both homeware and local restaurant favorites for delivery.

– CloudKitchens, a company led by Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick, is planning a Downtown Food Hall to house 25 small commercial kitchens in a historic building at 82-96 East Santa Clara Street.

– Good Spot, a gastro lounge, opened at 386 S. 1st St. at the beginning of this year.

These stores are seen as strong indicators of an upswing in downtown activity, Berg said. However, the inner city needs congresses to be resumed on a large scale to give the next big boost.

“It’s exciting to see how things improve,” said Berg. “There’s no question that we’re really going to turn the corner.”

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